About Me

I was born and raised in between the Italian Alps on the border with Austria. Growing up in an Italian-German environment, I have always been in contact with a various multicultural group of people since my early days. During my adolescence I attended an art school where I started tending my artistic skills and discovering my natural interest to it. When I was seventeen years old I had the opportunity to study in Australia for a year and a half, which allowed me to master my English and open my horizons. I then continued my studies in Melbourne.

Thanks to my various experience in the arts, my art practices are solid and can vary in different use of materials. I like to think that my art is spontaneous, it is mostly based on intuitive thinking more than logical. I like to focus on matter that I find has a big impact on my personal life and experiences, which I translate into my works. I find myself more captured by the creating process moreover than the final result; I also find a massive source of inspiration seeing the reactions of the viewer to my work.

My art is raw and personal, often conceptual more than figurative. It is conceived as a medium to tell a story to who has eyes to read it.

Artist Residency, exhibitions and events

2020 “Covid-19 Crisis Residency” Online artist residency

2020 Drawing from life workshop  NGV Museum, Melbourne Australia

2020 Nude Drawing workshop, Brunswick Life Drawings Melbourne Australia

2019-2020If I could cross the river” group exhibition LaTrobe College of Art & Design

2016 Winner of best Photography, “Project Mountain” Trento, Italy


2019-2020 “Diploma of Visual Arts” LaTrobe College of Art & Design, Collingwood VIC Australia

2016-2018 “Certificate II in Visual Arts” Maleny SHS, Maleny QLD Australia

2016-2018 High School Diploma, “Maleny SHS”, Maleny QLD Australia

2013- 2016 Art Institute “Istituto delle Arti A. Vittoria”, Trento BZ Italy